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This section defines the terms of use of the website by users (persons who access the website and browse it). When using the website, it is necessary to read the information made available through it (Terms and Conditions, Applicable Policies). If you don't accept the Terms and Conditions of the website, this involves that you don't want to access and use the website. Visiting the website involves accepting the Terms and Conditions.

As regards the processing of your personal data in the context of interaction with us through the website, please consult the Privacy Policy available here.

Also, regarding details on the cookie files that are implemented on the website, please refer to the Cookie Policy available here.


The website is held and administered by Deli Group Professional Services SRL („the Company”), having its registered office in Bucharest, District 4, Calea ŞERBAN VODĂ, Nr. 133, CLADIREA B, Etaj 1, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40/5103/2001, CUI RO 13904170. The Company uses service providers for certain activities related to websites, regarding which you may learn more in this document.


The configuration of the website, the information included in it, the icons, the concepts used, the design and the brand are our intellectual property and may be registered as trademarks, designs or may be protected by copyright law.

Therefore, using them without our written consent will be considered a breach of our intellectual property rights, which may result in your civil, misdemeanor or criminal liability, as the case may be. Therefore, you are prohibited from editing, copying, redistributing, or otherwise using, for commercial purposes, any information and items in the website.

Displaying any trade name or any brand on our website does not represent a license on them that we granted to any visitor, to be used for identical or similar products or services or for any other products or services.


The company makes all reasonable efforts so that the information provided be correct, accurate and updated, but it does not assume any liability or responsibility for omissions or errors in the content of information on the website, to the extent allowed by law. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way towards any user of the website, other than within the limits of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and within the legal limits.

The Company does not give the right to any user/buyer to download or modify/reproduce/copy/exploit the content of the website in any other way, in absence of prior written consent of the Company.

Food products are presented for information only and any pictures presented are indicative, so that certain characteristics may differ from the images. However, the Company presents as detailed and as correctly as possible the products and services, complying with the necessary accuracy under the law.

The website may offer you, in addition to information about our products and services, nutritional information about certain products or dishes. Please consider that they are for information purposes and do not represent a recommendation, so that, insofar as you want to follow a diet, if you know that you are suffering from certain conditions or if you are allergic to certain ingredients or products, we recommend that you consult a specialist in nutrition or other medical specialties.

Unless provided otherwise herein or not allowed based on the legislation in force, we do not represent and warrant:

Using the website is made, to the extent allowed by law, based on the voluntary option of each person who accesses the website. Therefore, by accessing it, you agree, to the extent allowed by the legislation in force, that Deli Group Professional Services SRL cannot be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by your browsing, including but without limitation to malfunctions or viruses that may occur on your computer or any other device from which you access the website.


Insofar as your website provides the possibility to access, through a link, other third-party websites, we inform you that we are not liable for how such third-party websites work, including but without limitation to the security measures that their owners have implemented or for the information they provide. Therefore, we recommend that you read carefully the terms and conditions, as well as the data protection/privacy and cookie policies on those websites. We reserve the right to deactivate at any time any link to other websites, if we deem that it is not suitable to the legitimate interests or legal rights of the Company.


The Company sets its own regulations for promotions and special offers it carries out, within the legal limits. Active promotions are brought to the attention of customers through the website and/or Application, by e-mail or other promotion methods, under the law. To benefit from promotions, participants must comply with the rules set by the Company, specified in the regulations for promotions/contests, brought to the knowledge of users/consumers through the online platforms (website/Application) or through specific communications.

To the extent allowed by law, the Company reserves the right to modify, interrupt or cancel the promotion.

Also, certain products/promotions can be published on the website/Application in a certain period of time and within the limit of the available stock. Therefore, the Company has the right not to meet certain orders, if the respective products are no longer part of the current offer.


When you submit a referral with us, we will contact you about it, using the contact details you have provided to us. We may also send you communications on similar offers, products/services of the Company, via e-mail and/or by phone. This will be carried out based on your options if you have purchased products from us, within the legal limits, until you unsubscribe.

The option on a consent to receive advertising communications, expressed by a user, can be changed at any time, as well as the option to unsubscribe, without requiring any justification, using the unsubscribe option included in the advertising communications or in any case, via e-mail at the address:

For more details on marketing (advertising) communications, you may access the Privacy Policy available here.

Expressing the option to unsubscribe from advertising communications does not affect the consent expressed on Terms and Conditions.


To the extent allowed by law, the Company reserves the right to modify/update/interrupt the operation of the website, without any prior notice. We also have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, in compliance with legal requirements.


Any dispute between the Company and users/buyers will follow the path of amicable conciliation, to the extent permitted by law. If this is not possible, the legal provisions in force at the time will apply, settlement of conflicts being the competence of Romanian authorities/courts.


If one or several provisions of those previously mentioned is declared null and void or invalid, irrespective of the cause, the provision declared null and void/invalid shall not affect the validity of the other provisions, unless they are in close connection with the latter.


For any questions, exercise of any rights (except those related to personal data protection, regarding which you may contact the Data Protection Officer at the address provided in the contact details in the Privacy Policy) or for sending a communication, please use our contact details available on the website, as well as below:

Deli Group Professional Services SRL

Registered office: Bucharest, District 4, Calea ŞERBAN VODĂ, Nr. 133, CLADIREA B, Etaj 1, Trade Register number J40/5103/2001 CUI RO 13904170

contact e-mail:

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