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Cookie policy

To ensure the best operation of this website, sometimes we place in your computer small data files, known as cookies.Most big websites do this.

We collect information from you as user of the website , by using cookies to make our website easier to use, more efficient and more secure. This may include information such as your IP address, browser type, language settings, operating system, type of device, domain name, domain host, date and time. The legal basis for this processing is your consent, expressed through the corresponding settings of your browser or device, to allow cookies. This consent can be revoked at any time. Certain cookies are strictly necessary from a technical point of view to ensure the functionality of the website.

1. What is a "cookie"?

An "Internet Cookie" (also known as "browser cookie", "HTTP cookie" or "cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, that will be stored on your computer, mobile device or any other equipment from which Internet is accessed. The "cookie" is installed by request sent by a webserver to a browser (for example: Internet Explorer, Chrome) and is completely "passive" (in the sense that it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access information on your hard drive, as user). Cookies can be classified depending on their lifetime in:

- session cookies (involve temporary storage, limited only to the duration of session in which a certain visitor accesses the site and when closing the session/browser, all the stored information is erased)

- persistent cookies (are stored in the device used by the visitor for a variable duration, respectively a duration longer than the duration of session and are not erased when closing the session or browser, but when their duration expires).

2. Do cookies contain personal data?

Cookies themselves do not request personal information to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify Internet users. However, information such as IP address, geo-location data, operating system data, website visits (including behavioral data) can be collected through cookies.

3. What types of cookies are there?

a) Necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies allow website browsing and its functionality, which is why they are always active.

b) Preference cookies

This type of cookie retains the user's preferences on this website, so that it is no longer necessary to set them up with each website visit.

c) Statistics (analytics) cookies

Each time when a user visits this website, the analytics software (provided by a third party) generates a user analysis Cookie. This cookie shows that the website has been visited before by the same user. It allows us to monitor unique users who visit the site and how often they do it. This cookie cannot be used to identify individuals, they are used only for statistical purposes, but in some cases it is possible that they collect including the IP address, which represents a personal data.

d) Advertising (marketing) cookies

These cookies can provide the possibility to monitor the online activities of users and set user profiles, which can be used for marketing purposes. For example, based on cookies one can identify the products and services agreed by a user, this information later serving to send adequate advertising messages to that user. This process is named internet-based advertising. Common interests are classified depending on the browsing activity previously carried out and users are served only advertising that matches their interests.

e) Third party cookies

Transmission of information provided by third parties/suppliers (e.g., a video). Such third parties can place cookies on the website. They also have to meet the legal regulations in force.

4. Cookies used

Currently, the website uses the following cookies:

a) Statistics cookie