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Who we are

Urban 1886 was born from our desire to create a space of great culinary experiences in your everyday office life. We use carefully chosen ingredients and apply the newest payment system to make your lunch break enjoyable. We wanted a place where food meets technology, as we are passionate about both. Thus, we’ve created a space for eating, working, relaxing, and even informal meetings.

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We love the smell of good food in the air, do you?

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We are the place where good food meets technology

In our restaurant, we are using an RFID payment system. This system is EASY, SIMPLE, and SECURE, and we’ve implemented it to make your journey more pleasant. How does the system work? Choose the dishes you want, and our employees will scan the plate over an RFID antenna that will AUTOMATICALLY charge your product and its price, sending them to the register. Salads and desserts plates are already charged. Once at the cash register, the RFID system will read the products and prices. The information appears on the screen. For more information about the RFID system, click the button below.

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We know that shaping our customers' journey is an ongoing task, nevertheless, you will always find great food, friendly staff, and an Instagrammable atmosphere.


How we do things

Our starting point is connecting people around our food concepts. Therefore, your products are always high-quality, fresh, and nutritional. We will always look to develop better solutions to suit your needs while working towards developing a community around our restaurant.

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Sourced responsibly with a clear “field to fork” origin

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What is important for you

We want to give our consumers real culinary incursions through versatile menus and create a unique consumer experience through innovative service. Our concept:


  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Optimal hydration.
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Menu development
  • Nutritional information


  • Multifunctional space.
  • Customers satisfaction.
  • Building a community.
  • Providing a relaxed environment.


  • Retention/loyalty programs.
  • Using technology.
  • Integral customer experience.
  • Customers wellbeing.


  • About providers/suppliers.
  • Urban1886 employees.
  • Sustainability.
  • Providing a relaxed environment.

Meet our team

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